Monday, 5 March 2012

Little Kenny...

I recently spent some time making a friend of mine a decorative crochet blanket for her little ones christening...

anyway... to cut a long story short... it went wrong and I ended up buying a gift instead...

Although I was a bit upset,
all was not lost...
it seems little Kenny had his eye on the blanket and it soon became his...'s a bit girly but he doesn't seem to mind!..

The blanket is now sporting a floral fabric patch, as Kenny decided to have a little nibble of the edge :)


  1. Aww what a sweetie! Kenny looks as if he deserves that blanket... and the little floral patch only makes it should use it as a trade mark! :)x

    1. Ahh thanks :) I do like the little patch, maybe I should use it as a trade mark! could be cute! x

  2. Ted will have more than a nibble when he comes down, he'll rip it to bits, hide it now!

    1. haha ted is not getting it! :)


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