Monday 19 September 2011

A Stitch in Time...

Tape Measure and Sewing Scissors - East of India

This week I decided to treat myself to a gorgeous new cotton fabric tape measure and some cute 'make do and mend' scissors, by East of India... 

I have already been using them on my current crafty projects and I love them!

Get your hands on the tape measure and scissors at East of India, sold in John Lewis... along with lots of other lovely East of India products...


  1. Those scissors are beautiful - they would make a lovely present as part of a sewing kit in a jam jar....hmmm ideas ideas!!

  2. Hi, I am your advent swap partner, just thought I would pop by and say hi xx

  3. Thank you Lavender Attic! Yeah that sounds like a lovely idea! :) Glad im helping to inspire you!..

  4. Hi Sarah, nice to meet you! just popped over to follow your blog and leave you a comment! Looking forward to the advent swap! you can contact me at spk soon :)

  5. Ooh i love East of India things! Specially love their gorgeous ribbons..but then I try not to use them too much 'so that they last'!!

  6. They do sell some nice bits! Love the ribbons too! :)


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