Saturday 17 September 2011

Cajame Creations...

Last week I entered Cajame Creations Autumn Giveaway... in which you had to guess how many buttons were in the little jar pictured on the Cajame Creations blog... 

I guessed at 182 which was only 3 out and I won!..

I received my beautifully wrapped prize... a pretty selection of fat quarters!..

Also inside was an extra little surprise... 
a cute envelope filled with these lovely buttons and tags...

  I love my new floral print fabrics and cant wait to use them in a quilting project...
Thank you again Jan for your great giveaway!

Check out Cajame Creations fantastic crafty blog... on sewing, crafting and all things handmade!..


  1. Thank you! Your lovely photos make it look a better prize than it actually is.

  2. I love them! They are a really lovely prize :)

  3. Lovely giveaway...Nothing better than receiving little parcels in the post ..Just found your lovely blog :) X Manda X

  4. Congratulations, you haave some lovely fabrics there ... should keep you busy ;-) x

  5. Thank you manda, it was lovely receiving this cute little package :) Happy you like my blog! Just joined your blog too! Its right up my street :)

  6. Thanks Giddystuff :) yeah they are lovely :)


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