Friday, 13 May 2011

Useful Utensils...

Kitchen Utensils - Nigella Lawson

Utensil pot - Le Creuset 

These fancy kitchen utensils by Nigella Lawson are perfect for serving up your favourite home cooked dishes...
Their vintage style enameled finish makes these utensils too special to put away in your draw... display them on your work tops in a stylish pot to give a country kitchen feel...


  1. That is so clever!!! I love the homemade mold!
    I thing it good product .soon it will reach the market….

    Cooking Equipment

  2. A Fantastic range of modern and classic Utensils available at sensible prices to help create that perfect dining experience.

  3. How lucky I am to find this! Thanks for sharing this. I currently finding some related stuffs related to this.


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