Monday 31 October 2011

Mini Moo...

 At long last, I have got around to designing my own Mini Moo Cards...

After a lot of deliberating, I settled on five different designs for the front of my cards...

1. The 'daffodils & snowdrops' header
2. My chunky crochet granny squares
3. Some of my handmade bunting
4. Buttons from my collection
5. A few of my favourite fabrics

I am really pleased with the outcome...

I wanted the cards to be simple yet eye catching... What do you think?..

Which of my Mini Moo Cards is your favourite?..
As this is my first Moo Card order, I would love to hear your thoughts on them! :)

If you fancy some of your own Mini Moo Cards check out this link for 10% off your first order... you can even design your own business cards, stickers and postcards too!..


  1. They are lovely little cards. My favourite - one, two, three in order of pref ... buttons, your header, fabrics! M x

  2. Loving the fabric and the buttons :)

    I love my Moo cards too and I have some of the stickers. Husband has the Moo business cards - they are really good to

  3. Hi Em
    Definitely your header is my fave...
    I might visit and have a peek at the website thanks x

  4. I too have my mini moo cards, and they are so nice. I always get such positive comments about them. Your mix of pics is lovely. Enjoy handing them out!

  5. They look great! I love them all.

    Totally need to update my business cards - I spotted Moo on the interweb whilst looking for stickers last week, and now i'm definitely going to use them for my next batch!

  6. Thank you for all your comments! Its great to hear such positive thoughts :) Def would recommend them if your looking for new business cards/ business tags! xx


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